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Professional Pool Table Setup

Posted by in on September 2, 2014

Having your pool table setup by a pro is by far the best choice

  • properly leveled
  • installed damage free
  • play properly

Buying A Cheap Pool Table Is An Option

Buying an economical pool table is okay. Especially if you’re not a competitive pool player and do not practice for tournaments. A cheap/used pool table is perfect for the family who is looking to have fun passing the time playing pool together. Or as a game to play while entertaining guests. However, these economical pool tables are not made of high quality materials, neither are they manufactured to high specifications, because of this it is even more important to hire a professional pool table mover to install and set up your billiards table. A professional pool table mover will have the experience and skill to setup a pool table that is lower quality.

Setting Up Used Pool Tables

Setting up a used pool table is another task best left to a professional. If you have not bought a used pool yet call us for tips on what to look for and what pitfalls to avoid. Generally speaking it is better to buy a “made in USA” pool table. They are usually make of good quality wood and are manufactured to a higher degree of precision. Here is a short list of good quality pool table manufactures:

  • Brunswick

  • Diamond Billiards

  • Olhausen

  • Legacy Billiards

  • Presidential

  • Valley-Dynamo

Slate Pool Table Setup


The most common playing surface on pool table is going to be slate, even more common in residential pool tables is the 3 piece slate pool table. The 3 piece slate is more common that the 1 piece slate that is usually found in your coin-op/automatic ball return pool tables found in bars and pool halls.