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Pool Table Disassembly Service

Posted by in on September 2, 2014

Professional pool table disassembly that you can count on, have your pool table broken down, transported and then set back up again.

Remove A Disassemble Any Size Pool Table

  • Full size pool table disassembly

  • Regulation size pool table disassembly

  • Standard size pool table disassembly

    Our pool table disassembly service comes in handy when home renovating and installing new flooring. We can disassemble your pool table and move it into another room or into the garage until flooring/renovations are complete. We can also disassemble and move a pool table into a storage facility or a detached room in your home. What ever you billiards service needs are, we can help. We have professionally trained pool table technicians that are experienced at moving and installing pool tables.

3 Piece Slate Pool Table Disassembly

    • Call to find out the pool table disassembly cost

    • Professional Olhausen pool table disassembly

    • We also offer American Heritage pool table disassembly

Have a 3 piece slate pool table table? This is our area of expertise. Our team of pool table movers is highly trained in the disassembly and installation of 3 piece slate pool tables. Different types and sizes of pool tables require different amounts of labor to disassemble, call today for the cost to disassemble. Our pool table movers are very experienced in disassembling Olhausen, American Heritage and several of the ‘no name’ pool tables (usually Chinese made).

Try Our Pool Table Assembly Services

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  • 3 piece slate pool table assembly by experienced techs
  • Looking for pool table assembly near me

Call us once your pool table has been disassemble and you are ready to have is re-installed. We service the greater Cincinnati area.