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Pool Table Cloth Replacement

Posted by in on September 2, 2014

Make an older pool table like new again with some brand new felt, call today and find out how we can help. We will come out and replace the felt on location.

Advantages Of New Pool Table Cloth

  • Choose custom pool table cloth

  • Upgrade and install the best pool table cloth available

  • Save money with cheap pool table cloth

Do a simple pool table make over with the installation of new pool table cloth. The new cloth replacement with improve cue ball speed and control. You can choose the new color and quality of the pool table cloth. Buy an economical/cheap cloth or get the best their is with a worsted tournament cloth, the choice is your. We have pool table cloth to fit your budget.

Get Replacement Felt Today

  • Pool felt replacement by a professional billiards company

  • Custom pool table felt replacement by experienced installers

  • The premier pool table felt replacement service

    Get your pool table felt replaced by an honest and experienced pro. Having pool table felt installed is not a complicated process but their is some tricks and special tools to get to job done correctly.

Ask About Pool Table Rails Replacement

  • Get a pool table rails and felt discount

  • Upgrade pool table rails with lifetime warranty

  • Get better action of of cushions

Replacing worn/dried out pool table rails will reinvigorate a pool table. Dried out rubber rails tend to be stiff and lack the rebound quality that fresh better quality rails offer. Imported/chinese made pool tables often offer an economical choice ,however, are made with low quality material, including the rubber railing. These rails tend to wear out prematurely and should be replaced. A good option when replacing pool table rails is Olhausen’s accufast lifetime warrantied cushions. These rails are high quality pure rubber cushions unlike other substandard rails that have fillers mixed in to save money.