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Regulation Size Pool Table

Pool table are made in a variety of sizes and are mainly referred to by the length, for example 10 foot, 9 foot, 8 and a half foot, 8 foot and 7 foot billiards tables. The width is usually half the length, a ten foot Olhausen pool table would be ten feet long by 5 feet wide.

Tournament Table & Equipment Specifications

Regulation Size Depends On The Game

There are different regulations size pool tables for different cue sports. Actually there are also different regulation sizes table for the same games depending on which governing body is setting the rules. If you are in the U.S. then the most common regulation pool table is the 9 ft tournament table that is most often used by the World Pool-Billiards Association. They also regulate some common safety design features that the table should have and other things such as minimum thickness of the slate and actual playing surface.

Other Details Regulated By The WPA

The WPA also regulates other details about the tournament tables such as the rails and cushions. The height, width and rebound are all regulated. The pocket faces and opening are regulated as well. The cloth, fastening of the cloth and ball return are just a few of the other detailed regulations. We touched on a few of the details but you can find out more from there website here.

While we don’t adhere to the exact tournament specifications for our pool table installs are high quality and very detail oriented.