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Pool Table Sizes

We move most pool tables, although the most common is the 7 foot with a 3 piece slate. Most residential pool tables are either 7 or 8 footers. If you have the luxury of a big billiards room in your house then by all means I would recommend getting a bigger table,  a 9 foot pool table. But the fact is that most of us just don’t have the room to have more than a seven or eight ft pool table. That is just fine though because you can get years of practice and fun out of a smaller residential style pool table.

The Bigger Pool Table – The 9 Footer

The nine foot pool table is the table to have if you have the space and budget for it. If your billiards room can accommodate the bigger table and your budget is on the larger size then go with this table. Remember that you will need a minimum of 60 inches of space beyond the outside of the table (all the way around) to comfortably play and not knock you pool cue into a wall or other piece of furniture in the playing room.

The Lesser Know 8 1/2 Footer

The 8.5 foot pool table is somewhat of a rarity compared to the other sizes, however, is not a bad choice if you can’t fit a 9 ft into your room by just a few inches. It actually gives you you best of both woulds should your game room be just a touch too small for the larger 9 foot table.

The Eight Foot Billiards Table

The is probably the table that you will see a lot in homes and smaller bars that don’t have the room for a bigger pool table. It’s a fun and easy table to get started on and can be forging and confidence building for a beginning billiards player. If you are considering buying an 8 foot pool table then shoot for a higher quality, Made In The USA brand name like Olhausen. You can even look for a used pool table in good condition. Many times people buy a brand new pool table only to get bored with it in just a couple months.

The Seven Foot

A good choice for beginners or someone with limited space. It’s also a good choice if you have a smaller budget to work with. Again, if budget is an issue, look for a high quality used table and have a local billiards service move the pool table from the buyers house your residence.