Serving All Of Cincinnati, Ohio

About Us

We are a Cincinnati based, locally owned billiards service. Our goal is to provide high quality and reliable billiards services to all of Cincinnati.

Our Main Services

  • Pool Table Moving

    When it comes to moving a 3 piece slate pool table, disassembly is always recommended. Merely picking up a fully assembled 3 piece slate pool table in one piece while likely cause damage to the pool table’s frame or the pool table’s slate or both. The proper way to move a pool table (even from one room to another) is to break it down then move and re-install.

  • Pool Table Re-Felting (Re-Covering)

    Pool table re-felting or recovering involves removing old worn out pool table cloth (felt) and replacing with new cloth. You can choose to upgrade the quality of the cloth, say from a woven cloth to a tournament style worsted cloth or keep the same quality cloth and just change the color.

  • Pool Table Repair

    Pool tables need repairs when things get worn out over time or something/someone cause damage to the pool table. Never let anybody use your pool table as something to sit on. Another no no is to use your pool table as something to store things on top of. The flat playing surface of a pool table is made of slate. Most residential pool tables are made from 3 pieces of slate that are meticulously set up so that it functions as one smooth seamless playing surface. A person sitting on the pool table or heavy items stacked on it’s playing surface can crack and/or damage the slate or the slate’s evenness/levelness. If that is the case then new slate will need to be installed, at the very least re-leveling of the slate will be in order.