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How To Move A Pool Table – Hire A Pro

Do you need a pool table moved in Cincinnati?

We are a professional billiard service that provides pool table moving, pool table refill team, pool table repair, and pool table re-leveling. We move we move pool tables of all sizes and move pool tables throughout the Cincinnati, Ohio area. The most common and standard size pool table is a 7 foot three-piece slate. The most common tables that we move our usually Brunswick pool tables. The dimensions of most pool tables are 7 x 3.5′. We can also provide new felt in any color. Regulation regulation size pool tables are not a problem. We have experience moving Missouri back, custom, and modern pool tables.

Pool Table Movers Cincinnati, OH

We are local movers in Cincinnati and provide fasting from the service. In case you simply don’t want your pool table anymore we do provide a free pool table removal service. The prices vary for each pool table move so please call to find out the details. We offer service to all brands of pool tables and we provide a pool table assembly for brand-new pool tables. Every pool table manufacturer makes their pool tables just a little different. We have extensive experience when it comes to pool table moving. We also offer pool table pocket replacement and pool table cushion replacement as well. We can repair or replace damaged pool table slate of 7 foot pool tables. The size of your room may limit the availability of comfortable play so we will help you measure out and decide where the best place to put your billiards table. We have plenty of good reviews I will be happy to move your pool table for you.

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2. Manufacturer (Olhausen, Diamond, Brunswick, ect.)
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